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Crosscall Rugged Core-S4 and Core-M5 Smartphones Land in SA


Crosscall, the French manufacturer of durable smartphones and tablets, is expanding its Core range in South Africa with the introduction of 2 new models with affordable price tags. The new models are guaranteed for 3 years, demonstrating Crosscall’s commitment to more responsible telephony and the company’s policy to promote the life of its products. The range welcomes the introduction of two new rugged smartphone devices; the Crosscall Core-S4 and Core-M5

Crosscall says the development of the Core range shows the brand’s determination to set the standard in the market for durable mobility solutions for professionals and adventurous types. The devices are made to withstand industries like mining and outdoor sport like paddling and mountain biking.

Crosscall Core-X4

Crosscall Core-X4

But, these durable devices aren’t just for those who work or play in rugged environments, they’re for anyone who needs a device that can withstand a little bit of abuse. Any parent can attest to having to replace more smartphone screens than they can count due to accidental breakage in the hands of little ones. And, if you’re the parent of a clumsy teenager, then you’ve no doubt pulled your hair out at having to replace yet another phone that has succumbed to water damage or been dropped one too many times.

Durability has been part of Crosscall’s DNA since its creation: the company designs resistant, waterproof handsets with long battery life. Smartphones and tablets that have quickly won over professionals and companies of all sizes and sectors with the promise of a reliable and long-lasting device.

Solutions for businesses operating in rugged terrain:

The devices are ideal for businesses that operate in rugged environments and can act as a replacement for DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). Until now, companies have used cordless telephones to make calls from one workstation to another. The 300-metre range of these phones limits mobility and use within the company. By replacing the DECT phones with a feature phone or smartphone, communication is no longer limited by distance.



Crosscall Core-M4

Crosscall Core-M4.

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Other must-have features in the Core range aim to help businesses promote communication, optimise output, and prioritise safety. These include:

  • SCAN: Facing current tools dedicated to the reading and scanning of barcodes, which represent a significant cost while limiting mobility, Crosscall offers, with its smartphones and tablets, a fast and ergonomic solution that can be used everywhere and in all circumstances. A scalable solution that can be adapted to users’ needs while guaranteeing easy deployment.
  • PTI (Protection of Lone Worker): Thanks to the sensors integrated in these terminals such as the gyroscope and the accelerometer, Crosscall offers a PTI solution that allows to prevent the occurrence of an employee in danger and thus to ensure the safety of human lives.
  • PTT (Push-to-Talk): PTT solutions allow companies to communicate with multiple employees simultaneously and instantly without distance limitations. In response to this need, which is becoming increasingly popular with companies, Crosscall has integrated programmable buttons on its smartphones and tablets. Its terminals are compatible with PTT solutions available on the market and Crosscall has developed X-TALK, its own Push-to-Talk application.
  • PMR (Private Mobile Radio): PMR allows prioritization and pre-emption on the network and is, therefore, a major issue in group communication in the security, defence, and industrial sectors. The compatibility of Crosscall terminals ensures that communications are transmitted with high reliability, fluidity, quality of service and reachability, even when the mobile network is absent or saturated. It is thanks to this feature that Crosscall won the tender to equip the French Gendarmerie and the National Police.

The Core-S4: Crosscall’s first 4G feature phone

Crosscall Core S4

Crosscall Core-S4

The CORE-S4 is an innovative hybrid between a touch-tone phone and a smartphone: it integrates the Kaïos operating system, which allows access to the most popular applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.). Equipped with the exclusive X-LINK technology (a magnetic connection located on the back of the phone), the Core-S4 is compatible with all accessories developed by the brand.

The CORE-S4 is an intelligent feature phone that, thanks to its compactness, its autonomy and its resistance, will meet the needs of companies in the midst of a digital transition. The Core-S4 has all the main features of the DECT: thanks to the VOLTE and VOWIFI technologies, mobility is assured, and it switches directly from the WiFi network to 4G.

The Core-M5, a versatile AER-certified smartphone


Crosscall Core-M5

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AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certified and equipped with the Qualcomm SM6115 Octo-core processor and compact 4.95-inch, 18:9 display, the Core-M5 ensures a smooth and optimal experience in both professional and personal environments. Two programmable buttons, designed to be easy to use (especially when wearing gloves), allows for quick access to certain functions of your phone without having to unlock it, and with a simple press.

The Core-M5 can also be used as a walkie-talkie with the Crosscall X-TALK application for instantaneous and simultaneous communication with multiple people. With a repairability rating of 8.8/10, the Core-M5 has one of the highest ratings on the market, reflecting the brand’s commitment to providing its users with ever more durable phones.

Crosscall Core-X4

Crosscall Core-X4.

Joining the Core-X4 and Core-T4 tablet, the new Core-S4 and Core-M5 models are competitively priced compared to other entry-level and mid-range smart devices. The devices will retail for the following recommended prices:

  • Core S4: R2,499
  • Core M5: R7,699

The CORE range will be further expanded in the coming months with the arrival of the Core-X5 and Core-T5 tablet in the first half of 2022, followed by new 5G handsets, a smartphone and a tablet further into the year.

Built to last

To guarantee the durability of its terminals, Crosscall has set extremely high-quality standards since its creation. All the Crosscall devices meet the MIL STD 810H standard, a military standard for electronic equipment. In addition to the 15 tests required by this standard, Crosscall has implemented its own set of tests: the Crosscall Standards. These tests go far beyond the current market tests to push the limits of resistance to meet the specific uses of the most demanding professionals, regardless of their work environment.

To take its approach even further, the company has integrated its own test laboratory, the X-LAB, into its headquarters in Aix-en-Provence. Equipped with innovative machines designed to reproduce extreme situations (waterproofing at 2 meters, screen breakage, bending, temperature resistance, etc.), its aim is to push back the limits of the brand’s products in terms of durability. These tests complement those carried out in the field where the community of innovators test Crosscall products in real-life situations. This laboratory allows Crosscall to fully internalise its research and development department within its headquarters in Aix-en-Provence, France, where all of its products are designed.

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