Shield Miraplate Liquid Polish 500M SH44
0 Reviews


Model: SHI1124

From R50.43

at Go-Green Store

Shield M fibre Wash&dry Value Pack SH390
0 Reviews

Microfibre Wash & Dry Value Pack Features: Includes a 2-in-1 Wash Mitt with soft microfibre noodles that lifts dirt with ease Highly absorbent and can be machine washed Super Soft Drying Towel that ab...

Model: SHI4514

From R86.04

at Go-Green Store

Shield Sheen Interior Wipes 20PACK SH150
0 Reviews

Sheen Interior Wipes Features: Clean and shine all vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces Offers superior UV protection Handy pop-up dispenser seals the wipes to prevent from drying out. Available in 3 fr...

Model: SHI0882

From R23.72

at Go-Green Store

Shield Engine Cleaner Water 500ML SH22
0 Reviews


Model: SHI0707

From R22.63

at Go-Green Store

X-Appeal Solar Portable Generator Ecoboxx160
0 Reviews
Category:  Solar

The Ecoboxx is a revolutionary solar generator that is powerful, reliable, portable and safe. These plug and play power boxes are environmentally friendly, sustainable, simple to use, affordable and c...

Model: ECOBOXX160

From R4 380.00

at Start My Car

Hawkins Pro 15 Battery Charger
0 Reviews

Hawkin Pro 15The Hawkins Pro series are manually operated battery chargers designed for a workshop environment to charge re-fillable automotive type batteries (batteries that you can add water to). A

Model: 1110500

From R3 242.00


Spanjaard 500ml Brake Cleaner
0 Reviews

Brake Cleaner 500 ml Heavy duty cleaner for drum and disc brakes, Brakes cables, rotors and disc pad/drum lining surfaces without disassembly. Effectively removes brake dust , dirt, grease and br...

Model: SP21

From R80.00

at Start My Car

Shield Car Care Value Kit
0 Reviews
Category:  Cleaning Accessories

Shield Car Care Value Kit Features: Air Freshener Miraplate Liquid Car Polish 500ml Absorber Chamois Wax Detailer Microfibre Cloth Xtreme Shampoo 500ml

Model: PLID36957690-39685864

From R115.00


Stingray Monaco 6 Piece Seat Cover Set - Black & Grey
0 Reviews

Stingray Monaco Seat Covers - 6 Piece Black & Grey Features: - High quality imported fabric. - 6-piece set. - Set includes full fit bucket , rear and head rests.

Model: 6002417007836

From R285.00


X-Appeal Air Compressor Digital CCR139
0 Reviews

Digital air compressor Fast inflating 40L/min, 120 Watt Auto stop, LED work lamp, 700KPa, 0-2.5 bar in 3 and a half min. Inflates a car tyre in half the time of a

Model: CCR139

From R299.00

at Start My Car

Spanjaard 200ml Chain & Linkage Lubricant
0 Reviews

A lubricant containing a soluble form of molybdenum, which penetrates like oil, lubricates like grease and does not stain. For use on all chains, linkages and cables. It is not subject to

Model: 5014488002116

From R62.00


Rhyno Brake Pads For Volkswagen Polo Vivo - 1.4 55KW Year: 2010 4 Cyl 1398 Eng
0 Reviews

Brake Pads Vehicle: VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO - 1.4 55Kw, Year: 2010, 4 Cyl 1398 Eng Position: Front Popular No's: FDB1094, D3199 Tested and Proven for toughness Semi Metalic Asbestos Low Dust 100% Quality...

Model: DP6801-TK1

From R279.00

at Start My Car

Shield 275ml Windscreen Wash
0 Reviews
Category:  DIY Hardware


Model: SH180

From R25.00

at Game

Spanjaard 350ml Carburettor Cleaner
0 Reviews

Cleans internally and externally, leaving a lubricating film for linkages and externally without dismantling. Cleans linkages, automatic chokes, pvc valves and jets. Improves fuel economy, performance...

Model: 5014488000679

From R72.00


GLUE DEVIL Red Gasket Maker
0 Reviews

Red Gasket MakerA permanently flexible silicone rubber sealant which can be used to replace felt, rubber, cork, paper and asbestos gaskets.Makes instant gaskets on valve covers, water pumps, oil pans,

Model: GD05

From R41.00

at Start My Car

Castrol Edge Professional OE 5W-30
0 Reviews

Castrol EDGE Professional with Fluid Strength Technology TM is Castrol’s strongest and most advanced range of engine oils, is an SAE 5W-30, and its unique adaptive strength reduces metal to me...

Model: OE5W-30

From R169.00

at Start My Car

Shield Auto Cleaning Kit
0 Reviews

Features: Wipe *n Dry Chamois. Sponge. Microfibre Cloth.

Model: PLID38161292-40887256

From R46.00


PRATLEY - Quickset 40ml Glue - White
0 Reviews

Pratley Quickset 40ml Glue - White Features: - Very latest adhesive technology - Cures at a medium speed - Hand mouldable putty which sets like steel and matches the colour

Model: 6001540851385

From R50.00


X-Appeal Foot Pump CCR131
0 Reviews

Single barrel foot pump Faster inflation Analogue Gauge display 0 to 700KPa 3 adaptors suitable for bicycle tyres , sport balls and small inflatables.

Model: CCR131

From R195.00

at Start My Car

Ferodo Brake Pads - Ranger T6 1.1 6.1 - Default Title
0 Reviews

35% Quieter 15% More stopping power Longer lasting Cleaner wheels

Model: FDB4475

From R940.00

at Start My Car


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