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Gluten-free flours do not have the stretchy, springy properties found in wheat products. That's why xanthan gum has been added to the mix, ensuringa less crumbly texture.
This cereal product is by its nature gluten-free. Long-grain white rice has been stoneground to produce this fine flour.IngredientsLong-grain white riceDaily serving = 100gPer 100gEnergy
Wondersol Colour Boost is a unique balanced liquid plant food specially formulated to contain macro- and micro nutrients. The product has organically based plant growth stimulants from Kelpak (Reg. No. L2414) that
Tony Ferguson Nutritional Yeast Flakes are flavourful with a cheesy, nutty taste. Made from 100% inactive dried yeast, they can be used as a dairy free alternative to cheese. Nutritional yeast is
From bread and crackers to cookies and waffles, this organic Teff Flour from Local Village Foods is the perfect gluten-free baking staple for your pantry. The flour is made from indigenous African
Pure almond extract from Nielsen-Masseyis something that every baker should keepon hand because it adds a wonderful flavour to any creation. Second only to vanilla extract, you can use almond essence for
This cereal product is by its nature gluten-free. Long-grain brown rice has been stoneground to produce this coarse flour which provides a nutty flavour.Brown rice flour can be used as an
Absolutely delicious and so incredibly easy to make! Lunch boxes will never be the same again! Glutagon Choc-Chip Muffin Mix is gluten-free and contains no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.IngredientsRice Flour, raw
Treat option limited to 2 treats per week. Contains soluble fibre (Inulin) to increase daily fibre intake.SpecificationsDIRECTIONS: 1. Add 125 ml cold milk to a bowl. 2. Add contents of sachet. 3.
Cake Pre-MixIngredientsDesiccated Coconut, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder( Cream Of Tartar And Baking Soda)
Muffin Pre-MixIngredientsPecan Flour, Sunflower Flour, Cocoa Powder, Xylitol, Sugar Free Chocolate (Maltitol, Vegetable Fat, Skim Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Soya Lecithin) Salt, Cream Of Tartar And Bicarb Of Soda
Entices Self-Raising Rice Flour is a totally wheat and gluten free flour milled from 100% non-GMO rice. This flour is ideal for the gluten intolerant and people who want to cut down
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