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Floral-infused tonic water made with natural hibiscus, honeybush and real quinine This flavour arrangement compliments various kinds of gin but is also delicious as a
Made of natural flavour extracts of citrus fruit and Indian spices like cardamom, star anise and juniper berries Spring water from the Breede River Valley
Savanna Light is a lighter apple cider. Lower in alcohol percentage doesn't mean it tastes like anything less than the original. Made from the same tasty apples asSavanna Dry,Savanna Light smacks of crisp
Fitch & Leedes energy mixer is a first of its kind and has been specifically developed to be mixed with alcohol. Fitch & Leedes energy mixer uses Guarana berry (Guarana fruit extract)
Brutal Fruit Cranberry-Ros* 660ml 12 x 660ml Includes Crate(R11) & Empty Deposit (R12) Online Pricing Differs to In Store
All in 1 Soup Spicy Mexican Tomato This is an All in 1, easy to make Soup mix Just add water and cook for average 30 minutes. It contains Lentils, Peas &

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