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Pool Chlorine  Features:  Non-stabilised chlorine. Kills algae and bacteria. Now gentler on skin. Now faster dissolve. Can be used as a Shock Treatment.  
HTH - Granular & Mineral Soft - 15kgKeeps pool water sparkling and blue; fast acting, instant kill; destroys harmful germsSuitable To Use With:- HTH Quick Test Strips-
This non-stabilised granular pool chlorine kills algae and bacteria and can be used as a shock treatment for your pool. It now dissolves faster in water and is gentler on your skin.
Try Hth floater for medium to large pools and kill algae, germs and get that cystal clear, sparkling blue colour for a month!Suitable for 30 000 - 70 000L
Perfect for a slow release effect, that is less harsh yet remains highly effective, this excellent non-stabilised floater is the best choice for any pool. It removes harmful bacteria, leaving your pool
A slow dissolve gel clarifier that gradually releases a flocculant to help trap debris and small particles in the pool filter. Use this product to maintain clear and sparkling water in your
Blu52 2l Active AlgaecideBlu52 active algaecide is very effective at destroying green and black algae. It also acts as a monthly preventative algae solution that clarifies pool water, enabling pool
Zodiac Long Life Twist Lock Hose -Pearl WhiteThis innovative hose is now available on all Zodiac automatic pool cleaners. The unique technology ensures a secure connection between each hose length and the
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