Thursday, March 4

The Social Network


You know you are a legit geek when you would rather hook up with Jesse Eisenberg than Armie Hammer. Not that either one of them are offering themselves but putting it out there. Just in case.

Yes, I watched The Social Network. Yes, I loved it. Did I believe what I was watching? Hell, no.

I was already skeptical as I had read that Dustin Moskovitz stated that he would prefer to remember his college days the way they were portrayed in the movie (drinking himself silly and sleeping around with coeds) instead of the boring reality (years of coding and working). So which scenes were based on fact and which ones were there to glam up what Zuckerberg himself has said is in essence a rather boring story?

I took to Google to find out:

• Zuckerberg is still dating the same girl he was dating before he created Facebook
• Zuckerberg did drop out of Harvard University to go live in Palo Alto
• was the predecessor to
• One of the founders of Facebook, Chris Hughes, was largely left out of the movie even though he played an instrumental role in the early days of the site
• There was no article published about Eduardo Saverin being involved with chicken cannibalism
• Eduardo’s shares were not diluted to 0.03% but more along the lines of just less than 10%
• The Winklevoss twins won their lawsuit with a settlement of $65 million in combination of stock and cash
• There are rumours that Eduardo settled for $1 billion
• Zuckerberg was portrayed as someone who created Facebook to attract girls and to gain power. In reality, Chris Hughes said that ‘’it was a little more boring and quotidian than that.’’

All in all it was interesting, inspirational and damn funny. The Social Network officially opens in South Africa this week. I strongly recommend that you watch it and let us know what you think.

Plus, you can also login to PriceCheck with your Facebook account…cool, huh?


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