Saturday, July 2

The September Apple Announcement


September is the month of spring and the changing weather patterns to summer. Apple has made it their music month and their announcements normally revolve around their iPods. Steve Jobs did not disappoint with the new iPod touch, nano and shuffle.

The new Apple iPod touch is about the closest any of the iPods have ever been to the iPhone. The new iPod touch features a majority of the features found on the iPhone 4. So the retina display will make your display very clear as this is the highest resolution iPod touch that Apple has ever made. The FaceTime application is also available on it to ensure that you can talk to other iPhone and iPod users. It also features not one but 2 cameras, one that points to the user and another to focus on what is in front of the user. HD video recording and editing is possible with the new iPod touch.

It features a game center app that allows the iPod user to add multiple players to games. The one question that I wonder about is, have Apple damaged the perceived value of the iPhone 4 with this new iPod touch?  It will be interesting to see what the retail effect of this change is.

The new Apple iPod nano has had the biggest change in comparison to the last generation. The nano has become a touchscreen that comes standard with a clip to add it to clothing and or bags. It also no longer has a camera but is geared to being a music player of note.  The shuffle has gone back a year in terms of design and looks almost like the second generation. I tend to believe that this is because the previous generation did not sell in large numbers. The only iPod range that got no new generation is the classic and one wonders what Apple has planned for it in the next 12 months? Only Steve Jobs can answer that question…


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