Saturday, July 20

The Power Of A Review


The review of a product or an online shop is one of the easiest ways to help other shoppers make a decision prior to purchase. The review will take you 5 minutes to construct but someone else might be contemplating it and might be looking for additional support. I might be talking to the converted here but it helps, just take a look at the hundreds of reviews on various online shops like Amazon, arguably the world leader in online shopping.

Online shopping is different from its retail shopping cousin as the user cannot touch the product nor have it immediately( there are exceptions to that as certain shops have products that can be purchased and delivered within 24 hours time).

However a review can help with that, as shoppers can inform others of shops that have exceeded their expectations and shops that have disappointed them. Owners of a specific product can help others by posting a review on the product as they have first hand experience of the product and its performance. How many times have you bought a product and then 4 weeks later you wish that you waited for something else? So a review can help with that and also inform the purchaser on certain issues that could happen with the product.

I am honest and say that I have read plenty of reviews prior to making a purchase and feel that it gives you the shopper, a feeling of control in a situation which is run by technology.

So how do you add a shop review on PriceCheck?

  1. Open your profile on PriceCheck .
  2. Then at the bottom of the page click on the Shop Directory Link
  3. Then click on the Rate this shop link and then a pop-up will appear that you will need to complete.
  4. Presto, so simple but that is the whole process from start to finish.

So how do you add a product review on PriceCheck?

  1. Open your profile on PriceCheck.
  2. Then add a search into the search bar and click on the search button.
  3. Click on the product and then click on the Product Tools link.
  4. Then click on the Add a Product Review link and a pop-up will appear which you need to complete.

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