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Logitech G Aurora Gaming Mouse & Keyboard Review


Logitech’s latest collection of gaming gear is designed for those who like the lighter side of gaming. If the usual stark, aggressive designs of gaming accessories have you reluctant to invest in a good gaming set-up, then you’re going to love the Logitech G Aurora collection. There are plenty of players who enjoy the softer side of gaming and would like their gaming peripherals to reflect their personal style and cute office aesthetic.

We got hands-on with the Logitech G705 gaming mouse and G713 gaming keyboard to see if the collection is more than just gaming gear with a pretty facelift.

Logitech G Aurora Gaming

The Aurora collection

The new collection features gaming accessories in pastel colours and beautiful dreamy designs. It includes the G735 Wireless Gaming Headset, G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard, G713 Gaming Keyboard, G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse, as well as custom accessories. With designs taking into account smaller-handed gamers while bringing some aesthetically pleasing silhouettes and colours.

It’s a collection of gear that centres around comfort and playfulness, enabling gamers to express themselves while delivering the advanced feature set that all gamers expect.

Logitech says the Aurora collection was conceptualised based on the feedback from gamers across the community and brought to life by the internal innovation, design, engineering and marketing team at Logitech. The brand says the design process for the collection was guided by principles of comfort, approachability, and playfulness.

Logitech G Aurora Gaming Mouse

Logitech G705 gaming mouse

Gaming with the G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse is such a pleasure. Not only is it pint-sized, but the mouse is also contoured for comfort and control with an intentional design to be inclusive of smaller hands. The mouse also features Lightspeed wireless, Lightsync RGB, and amongst other gaming technology, designed to help you beat your best no matter what genre of games you play.

The mouse has six programmable buttons in total. It measures 39.4 mm x 68.1 mm x 105.8mm, weighs 85 grams and has a 40-hour battery life, even if you’re using the lightsync RGB lighting.

Logitech G Aurora Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

G713 gaming keyboard

This wired, compact TKL keyboard is also designed for comfort and comes included with a cloud-soft palm rest. It is also fully equipped with ethereal RGB lighting and your choice of GX mechanical switches. The keyboard is available in White Mist with additional colourway accessories sold separately. To put it simply, this gaming keyboard offers “low-key vibes with high-key performance”.

The keyboard is further customisable for those who want an added splash of fun; you can also switch out the top plate and keycaps with two available colours: Pink Dawn and Green Flash (these are sold separately).

The G713 measures 370.6 mm x 157 mm x 37.2mm, weighs 962.5g (with cable). It’s a lovely keyboard for typing as well as gaming, and its smaller size makes it great for more petite hands to navigate the keys when you’re under the crunch and need to move fast. Even on its default setting, the G713 feels smooth and accurate enough for even the most demanding games.

Price and availability

The Logitech G Aurora collection is now available in South Africa with the G705 wireless gaming mouse priced at R2,399 and the G713 wired gaming keyboard priced at R3,999.


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