Wednesday, August 10

That magic homepage


So, after much deliberation, hybridisation and improvisation, the homepage has been functioning in fantastic fashion.

The initial page was effective, but slow and some simple optimisation has seen the load time drop to around 3 seconds. That’s probably the fastest load time of most pages in the industry, and with all those roll-overs too :-). Apparently people love lists of “top” things, so look on the right and visit all the most popular products and see all the most popular searches – after all, who better to recommend these things, then the users of PriceCheck.

Also, as of today, you can get a sneak peak of our last 3 blog posts on the homepage. They’re just little tidbits into the workings of the mini-machine that is PriceCheck.

As Onno mentioned in a previous post, we’re still busy optimising our category structure, to make browsing the site, and finding exactly what you want, much easier.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new design (or anything else PriceCheck related). So, email us, comment on our blog, or just tell the world what you think. Don’t forget, sharing is caring!


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