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Sureshnie Rider


Sureshnie Rider – Presents the Top 40 on Saturday from 10am to 2pm and Sunday Stuff on Sunday from 10am to 2pm on 5fm.

Chosen Charity – The Guild cottage in Auckland Park, a home that protects and nurtured young children who have been abused.

Sureshnie Rider

2010 was the year that, I became a Mum!  Pavani Milan Rider arrived on the 30th of August this year, our entire world Changed..for the better. We sometimes can’t imagine that we lived a life without her. Her name means the Purest of the Ganges, (Ganges being the holy river in India for Hindu’s) and her second name is the City Milan, where Leigh and I got engaged. It also means union. He thought it best represented the Love, that is our little girl. It is an epic year, to finally meet a little piece of me and my husband. Every morning when she smiles, I feel like I won some sort of lottery with the Almighty, because he sent me one of his most treasured,  to be mine.

If I were packing for Kakamas, I would take spices. I somehow suspect I might be the only Indian person visiting there. I love cooking, especially chicken and soya prawn curry. So forget the kitchen sink, high heels or even satellite dish, I’m taking all of my spices! For an Indian person, I actually prefer mild curry. And if I were to take anything to Kakamas I would take bags of soya prawns, wow, they will not know what hit them! I’m really proud of my Indian heritage, we celebrate 150 years of being in South Africa this year. My great grandparents would have been very proud if they were alive, to see how much they achieved. I guess the saying What the eyes can see the hands can do, really was a philosophy of theirs that I try to keep alive today.

Nobody knows that I…can bend my fingers really far backward:) No idea how, but I think if I work on it, I might have the coolest party trick in town:) okay seriously Nobody knows that I have a fascination for talking to myself in the mirror or in general:) It’s a good thing I landed in radio, I guess it was meant to be, heck somebody has to listen to me! I think I use it as a self soothing tool and often talking to myself really heals my soul especially if I’m having a down day. Try it sometime, you will be surprised how much better you will feel.

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