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Saskia Falken


Saskia Falken – Communication junkie. Radio show host. Wife. Mother. Lover of knowledge, good music and warm apple pie.

Chosen charity – Philisa Abafazi Bethu, an organization dedicated to the safety and upliftment of women and young girls in Lavender Hill on the Cape Flats.

Saskia Falken

2010 was the year that …the impossible became possible. South Africa hosted the most successful FIFA world cup to date. The vuvuzela became an international sensation and made its debut in the Oxford Dictionary. Spain finally claimed a place amongst the elite of world soccer by lifting the World Cup. And if all of that was not enough to make it a momentous year, the Pope finally justified the use of condoms and Whitney Houston’s come back album ‘I Look to you’ went platinum!! Talk about far fetched, who’da thunk it!

If I were to spend New Year’s in the Northern Cape Town of Kakamas, I would pack the following …… my iPod filled to the brim with Irving Berlin and Cole Porter classics, lots of candles and veuve clicquot for those warm evenings outside under the stars, my floppy hat, huge sunnies and swimsuit for relaxing in the hot springs nearby. All this with my wonderful husband in tow, my idea of absolute bliss! Here we come Kakamas!

Nobody knows that I …….. have a secret desire to impersonate a drag artist. Yes, I want to be the woman impersonating a man impersonating a woman. A la Victor Victoria! It certainly explains my affinity for drag queens! Now you know.

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  1. This vote is for Saskia. Thx so much for being an inspiration to so many south africans. For thinking and caring about others. You’re a natural! Good luck

  2. People that open their HEARTS to the NEEDY, WIDOWS & ORPHANS should be rewarded. So well done Saskia. I can’t imagine you not winning.

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