Wednesday, April 14

Samsung enters more tablets into the race


The Mexican standoff between Apple and Samsung just got more interesting. Samsung have added 2 new tablets to their list of iPad challengers.The significance of this is that both are bigger in size than the current Galaxy Tablet. I guess they got the message from their users that the Galaxy tablet is a bit small when you want to type emails and messages on it.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are aimed at taking away market share from Apple.  They are thinner in diameter than the new iPad 2. They are 8.6mm thin and Samsung claim that they are the “thinnest tablets in the world”.  It sports rounded edges as seen on the iPad.

The new generation Samsung Galaxy tablets have Android Honeycomb as its operating system. They will be the first tablets to support Samsungs Touchwiz user interface for tablets. This software will not come standard with the tablets but rather through a software update after the product launches in South Africa.

The point that interests me; will Apple fire back a reply or has Jobs decided that the current iPad form factor will be the default for all Apple tablets? The one thing that I am sure of is that Samsung is cementing itself as the one manufacturer that wants to challenge Apple.

The official launch date for these new tablets in South Africa has not yet been made public. I have a suspicion that one of the mobile phone operators might be the first to have stock available to the public as this is how the first generation Galaxy got launched in South Africa.


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