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Sam Wilson


Sam Wilson -Editor-in-Chief of Women24, Food24 and Parent24. She is also a columnist, a feminist, an anarchist and an eyewateringly compulsive oversharer.

Chosen charity –  Bathandwa Children’s Trust

Sam Wilson

2010 was the year the tablet threw the print industry a lifeline, that the PR industry caved and became properly frightened of Twitter and the word ‘geek’ was finally, completely hijacked by wannabe tech-fashionistas. It was also the year that I mastered the art of shaking the perfect dry martini and discovered the website, which makes my toes curl up in happiness whenever I even think about it.

My sons have also been 9/11 all year, which means no Lego tower could withstand the impact of their combined ages. Oh, and it was the year I (at 37 years old) finally learnt how to ride a bike! Well, kinda. If there’s no one else on the road.

If I were to spend New Year’s in the Northern Cape town of Kakamas, I would pack the following:

First I would break out my tent, because it is the most beautiful tent in the entire universe. (Three interlinking rooms!) But that’s pretty much all I’d do, because I am a messy, disorganised person married to a systematic German, so I haven’t been allowed to pack so much as a toothbrush for the last 20 years.

So while Andreas (The German) packed sensible amounts of clothing and food, I would secret  popping candy, tequila, Jagermeister, vodka, beer and Boudoir biscuits about his careful stacks, and then watch as he had to lie on the suitcase like a floundering turtle, just to get it to close. (Which is always exactly the moment the suitcase usually begins to vibrate…)

Then I’d talk our friends @liliradloff and @ch0pp3r into coming with us, because they are The Original Zef Oros Couple Extraordinaire and it is impossible not to have fun with them even if you are in *cough* Kakamas. As an extra bonus,  Chopper is a Wedding DJ with the ultimate cheesy 80s music collection… to make New Year’s the perfect combination of raw-throated lyric-belting and wildly stupid drunken dancing.

I am undecided on whether or not I’d pack my children.

Nobody knows that I… I thought long and hard about this one, and seriously, I don’t think there is a single fucking thing that nobody knows about me.

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