Monday, June 24

RSS! Syndicate. Simple.


I’ve always thought it would be really useful to be able to track what’s going on in the world of online shopping in a really simple way. To be able to track popular products, and their prices can be a really attractive prospect for ordinary shoppers and trendsetters alike.

Another industry-leading innovation from PriceCheck is implementing Really Simply Syndication or RSS as it’s commonly known. We just went live with it for the start of August and I think it’s going to be invaluable for those of us who have really seen the benefits of using PriceCheck.

What is RSS you may be asking? Well, RSS is just a way for people to syndicate content across the internet and it all exploded with the world of blogging. A detailed explanation of how, where and why RSS was developed can be found at the Wikipedia.

People, as I do, started using RSS feeds (the source of the content) to track articles and comments from their favourite blogs. All you need to do is “subscribe” to a feed using an aggregator like Afrigator, the brilliant tool by Justin Hartman, and you can track multiple feeds from multiple sources in a single place.

Eventually what was made popular by the blogging community has spread to other sources of interest: Weather tools, betting and gambling, news and now PriceCheck.

So, to subscribe to a feed on PriceCheck, just look for the RSS feed icon RSS feed icon in your browser and it means you can subscribe to the content of that page! For categories you’ll get a list of the daily top 25 products and for products you’ll get a list of the top offers from shops. For help, see: integrating RSS feeds into Firefox, RSS in Internet Explorer, a detailed explanation of RSS and Ourlook from Microsoft.

Go on and syndicate. Oh, and don’t forget this blog has an RSS feed too 🙂


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