Saturday, September 19

RIM no more. BlackBerry goes to the power of 10


Last night South African time, BlackBerry unveiled the much anticipated new operating software and cell phones. Thorsten Heins ensured they delivered as mentioned in the press in 2012. Is this BlackBerry’s last chance or it is the beginning of a revival?

First order of business; the end of  RIM. Research In Motion no longer exists and is now called BlackBerry. In my mind  this should have been done in 2012 but I think there is an angle here. RIM was seen as a dying business being dominated by Apple and Samsung and by doing the name change now, a new beginning is able to occur.  Little touches like this can have very large impact for corporate businesses.

Watching numerous videos and seeing leaked images really made this launch feel like an Apple event. BlackBerry 10 is a quantum leap forward for BlackBerry and gives them an opportunity to compete for the number 3 position in the global mobile phone industry. The BlackBerry event last night featured some really nice new concepts. The BlackBerry Hub reminds me a lot of the Windows concept seen on Nokia devices. It is one place for all the various types of social media/communication. Tweets, BBM’s, emails and facebook posts are now all found in one place. This could be a success enabler.

One new feature that I think will be seen more in 2013 is the updated camera and photographic software found on the BlackBerry devices. The smartphone that should be a success will be an all-rounder (multi purpose functionality). BlackBerry Balance is a development that has huge potential for corporate users. Why? BlackBerry Balance keeps your professional and private information separate.

BlackBerry App World no longer exists and is now called BlackBerry World. It is clear that BlackBerry have done everything to try and differentiate themselves from their competitors. BlackBerry World also is the home of the BlackBerry 10 PriceCheck app. Be sure to download it as soon as you have a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10.

One huge shift by BlackBerry is the fact that the software was the focus in this process. They have unveiled 2 new phones but BlackBerry 10 is the defining piece that will make BlackBerry’s future sustainable.

Is this a perfect 10 from BlackBerry?


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