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Review: PlayStation 4 Pro


It’s not a PlayStation 5, but it’s not quite a PlayStation 4 either – the question is: how much of a step-up is the Pro model, and are the improvements significant enough to justify shelling out the cash for the upgrade? Let’s take a look.

Right out of the gate we can tell you that yes; it is compatible with PS4 games, but having said this, “The PS4 Pro promises to deliver better, smoother graphics than its predecessor. You’ll only get that graphical upgrade on titles with a free downloadable software patch installed. The most noticeable improvements will also likely require TVs with support for 4K resolutions and HDR, the high contrast mode that can offer bright whites and more gradient blacks,” comments CNET.

PS4 Pro packaging

PS4 Pro packaging

So, in order to see the “true colours” of the PS4 Pro’s upgraded graphics, it seems that you’ll need to have enough cash set aside to buy a high-end TV as well, which for the majority of us, is not possible.

However, CNET has also commented that there is not too much noticeable difference on a 1080p TV, which is fantastic news.

Another issue that is concerning is that the console doesn’t play UHD 4K Blu-Ray discs, which, yes, haven’t reached mainstream status yet, but this omission at this time, may cost Sony later as competitors’ current and future generation of consoles – such as the Xbox One S –  will more than likely have this functionality.

Also, certain games don’t have specific PS4 Pro support and so users will have to wait for the relevant downloadable patch – exact release dates for these patches are still unknown.

 PS4 Pro specs

  • Main processor: Custom-chip single Processor
  • CPU: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar,” 8 cores
  • GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine
  • Memory: GDDR5 8GB 1GB of VRAM
  • Storage size: 1TB
  • External dimensions: Approx. 295×55×327 mm (width × height × length) (excludes largest projection)
  • Mass: Approx. 3.3 kg
  • BD/DVD Drive: BD × 6 CAV, DVD × 8 CAV
  • Input/Output: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen.1) port × 3, AUX port × 1
  • Networking: Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)×1, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth® 4.0 (LE)
  • Power: AC 100V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: Max. 310W
  • Operating temp: 5ºC – 35ºC
  • AV Output: HDMI out port (supports 4K/HDR) DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) port
PS4 Pro controller

PS4 Pro controller

The pros

  1. It will offer 4K support for Netflix
  2. A YouTube app with 4K and HDR capability
  3. There is upgraded bandwidth to support Remote Play and Share Play, meaning that you’ll be able to play, share and stream games at 1080p (the regular PS4 does this at 720p)

The cons

  1. No UHD Blu-ray player
  2. No increased frame rates in multiplayer games
  3. The extra cost of purchasing a 4K TV
  4. You’re not going to get the full benefits if you own a 1080p TV

So, if you have the means to purchase the necessary equipment to give you the best experience, go for it! If not, rather wait a bit until game compatibility patches become available and high-end TVs drop in price.

Verdict: 9/10

PS4 Pro from R6994


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