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Review: Minecraft – Xbox One


Release your creativity! Minecraft employs the sandbox genre, which allows you to have complete autonomy – the only limit is the extent of your imagination.

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Sandbox; Survival

Game mode: Single-player; multiplayer

Inventiveness, ingenuity, strategy and overall fun is what this game is all about! Let your mind run wild! There are six different gameplay modes: survival; hardcore; creative; adventure; spectator; multiplayer

Survival: Think about this for a second: what are the key things that you need to survive? Shelter, food, water, protection from the elements – this is the foundation of this mode; the ability to formulate and execute an effective strategy is essential.

Hardcore: Finding the game too easy? Well, then it’s time to activate hardcore mode – a variant of survival mode; the game is set to the highest difficulty level and if you die, it’s permanent – the world you have created is deleted!

Creative: This is where your imagination can really run wild! You have access to every resource that the game has to offer! It’s perfect if you’re a Minecraft novice because it gives you the freedom to learn how to build and create without any interference.

Adventure: This is also similar to Survival mode; the difference is that you’re able to generate custom maps in which the creator can apply restrictions.

Spectator: This mode gives you the chance to put the hands-on experiences on hold and monitor everything that is going on in the world that you have created.

Multiplayer: In this mode, you’re able to interact with other players on either player – or business-hosted servers.

You also have the option to enable player-versus-player (PvP) mode, which will allow you to fight with other players – are you game?

Verdict: 8/10

Minecraft – Xbox One available from R349


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