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Review: Far Cry Primal – Xbox One


Welcome to the Stone Age! Far Cry Primal is an open-world action-adventure game set in pre-historic times. Unlike games set in present and/or futuristic eras, you cannot buy weapons, you have to construct them! Oh, and also find ways to outfox predators. This is an iteration of Far Cry like no other!

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Action-adventure

Game mode: Single player

The game is set in 10,000 BC at the beginning of the Mesolithic Age, in Europe; just from this, you can imagine the unique challenges that you’re going to have to face!

Your playable character is a hunter named Takkar, a Wenja tribesman. After his group of hunters is ambushed by a sabretooth tiger, he is left to fend for himself;.luckily he meets a Wenja tribeswoman, Sayla. Together, they head to the valley of Oros.


When Takkar finds out that the Wenja village has been destroyed by Ull, leader of the Udam tribe, he gathers as many of his kin as possible so that they can retaliate. In this endeavour, he meets a shaman named Tensay who gives him an extraordinary ability associated with the animals.

You’re going to have to have belief in 3 Wenja that you recruit to help you in your quest to find out why the Udam are targeting your tribe.

There are disturbing things that you are going to learn throughout your journey…don’t get too queasy! It’s possible that the Udam do not have a vendetta against your tribe, there may be is a far more sinister reason.

Many of the choices that you’re going to be forced to make are not going to seem logical, but they are necessary. However, in saying this, consequences will be unveiled – war, betrayal and mercy are just 3 of the traits you’re going to have to master in order to be successful –  can you quell your vengeance for the greater good, or is bloodshed and death the only answer?

The developers at Ubisoft have gone to great lengths to give you a convincing user experience; a great example of this is the language used in the game. Even though it’s technically fictional, they have included distinct sounds, unique to the different tribes; this plays a big role in the conveying of their culture.

Pros: Incredible attention to detail; ability to take control of a creature; variety of skills to learn; intriguing setting

Cons: No co-op modes; storyline could be more in-depth; limited weapons

Verdict: 8/10

Far Cry: Primal available from R478


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