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Review: Celluon Projection Keyboard


It is not often that something has the ability to play tricks on your mind. I mean we all use keyboards daily and it is part of the fabric of IT. You see the keyboard and then the rest happens without too much thinking.

The Celluon Projection keyboard is something that almost feels like it came from Minority Report. The mere fact Celluon has allowed the public to be able to acquire this keyboard tells me that they believe there is potential for future versions.

The Celluon keyboard is easy to set up and connects to your tablet via Bluetooth. It is as simple as switching the Bluetooth on, pairing it with the Celluon keyboard. As soon as the keyboard is found by your device, the user is asked to type a few characters and then your Celluon Keyboard is ready for action.

Having used it for the last few days, it worked excellently with an iPad and will definitely be missed. Typing on a normal keyboard suddenly feels “different”. One thing to keep in mind is that for optimal usage, an even surface (table or work area) is a requirement.

When charging the battery via a USB connection it cannot  be used with a tablet. What is interesting and something that I have not seen before is the device which charges the Celluon keyboard then becomes operational. The charging has no effect when using the device with a notebook. Normally when charging a device it can only charge and nothing else.

The Celluon keyboard is compatible with iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. This great device is compatible with almost every operating system available (Linux being the exception). When using the Celluon projection keyboard, it also has mouse functionality built in which makes it easy to browse and move your cursor on the screen.

The bad:

  • The charging does not allow for the Celluon to be used with a tablet when the keyboard is flat. Thus you have to charge it and then use it later. It is not a deal breaker at all, just something to keep in mind.

The good:

  • The technology is revolutionary. There is nothing available to the public quite like the Celluon keyboard.
  • The setup and Bluetooth pairing is excellent and very easy to do.
  • The projection keyboard is a definite value add for tablet owners.

The verdict:
Any proper gadget lover should consider the Celluon projection keyboard. It is not a gimmick but rather a look at the future for keyboards.

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