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PriceCheck Buyer’s Guide: 3 Must-Try Boozy Buys for February


Buying liquor used to be so easy to buy when there wasn’t all that much to choose from. What used to be an easy choice has become a bewildering one, and marketing and advertising have a great deal to do with it. So, if you’re unsure of what new additions to make to your liquor cabinet then keep reading for our top picks.

Unfltrd canned wines

Unfltrd canned wines

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to buying wine in South Africa, but Cape Town-based Nice Beverage Company’s latest wine launch is a goodie for sure! Say hello to Unfltrd canned wines with two distinct, and refreshing flavours: Skin Dry White and Dry Rosé. Skin Dry White is a blend of Chenin and Semillon with a unique caramelised flavour, and the Dry Rosé has classic berry flavours up front and a lifted hint of candy floss in the finish. With a low alcohol volume, these two launch products aim to please with the purity of fruit and minimal sulphite additions. The perfect wine for travelling and on-the-go celebrations, you can’t go wrong with this convenient little gem.

Silkie Irish whiskey

Silkie Irish Whiskey

If you’re looking for one of the best Irish whiskies available in South Africa, then this is a must-try. Inspired by the tales of the mythical Silkie seals that came ashore as beautiful sea maidens and charmed local men, this Irish blended whiskey is made with a combination of double and triple-distilled single malts, grain whiskey and a hint of peated malt. Non-chill filtered and bottled at 46%. A fresh and malty nose opens to be more honeyed with a gentle butteriness. On the palate, soft honey flavours come to the fore with bright hints of orange zest, digestive biscuits, brioche, butterscotch and stem ginger. The tipple has a warm, elegant finish that gently melts away.



Bitter-sweet, but not sugary, Pampelle is naturally lower in sugar aperitif. An artisanal infusion of bitter-sweet citrus, natural botanicals and Eau de Vie. This delicious drink boasts a sweetly bitter disposition when approaching the floral brightness of a Vermouth Blanc, and is the perfect companion for cocktails all the same. From a Pampelle spritz to a Pampelle Tonic, anything goes with this decadent grapefruit liqueur. A complex yet deeply refreshing aperitif, served Pampelle shines when it is served simply over ice.

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