Wednesday, August 10

Performance up fifty percent


Evaluating the first day of the new design, it appears that users can much easier find what they are looking for. The lead/visit ratio is up 50% compared to yesterday, so the service for users has improved and we send more valuable leads to our network of online shops. It is almost addictive to follow the stats, but it is also a way to understand and get to know our users/customers better. Anyway it is a lot of fun, especially if we manage to stimulate e-commerce in South Africa.

Best offer of today is the Nikon D80, it generated the most leads to one single shop. I happen to have this camera myself, and, after extensive research, I concluded it is the best value for money for me. In other words, Canon 400D is somewhat cheaper, but everybody has it, performance is basically the same. The Nikon gives me a bit more exclusive feeling, but that is very personal. Have a look at dpreview for the best digital camera reviews available., deeplink for Canon 400D and deeplink for Nikon D80. Good luck with your choice, but on both cameras you can not go wrong.


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