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Pantum Printer Review


Over the last 6 weeks the PriceCheck team has been testing printers from Pantum. We have tested 2 mono toner printers (P2050, P3205DN) and the brand surprised us in a good way. At the moment Pantum is a powerhouse flying below the radar in comparison to the established printer manufacturers like HP, Canon and Epson.

First – lets look at Pantum. Pantum is based in the East and has only recently started moving towards the US, UK and South Africa. The company’s history can be seen below:

Pantum History

Pantum is a newly created and vigorous printer brand with a mission to provide global printer users with reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly printing solutions and services. After 30 years of unbreakable monopoly in the printing industry, the new dynamic brand ‘Pantum’ is taking the world by storm.

What makes Pantum stand out for me is their research and development philosophy. They have spent millions on developing technology that will help users worldwide. Let’s be frank for a minute – when most people speak about China it is in a rather derogatory manner. However, Pantum has built their own intellectual property and ensured that the printers they make are world class.

Secondly, Pantum’s printers and cartridges / toners are very well priced. Printing is an expensive business and in some cases the toner is more expensive than the compatible printer. I don’t think I have seen any printer install as easily as the 2 Pantum printers we have at PriceCheck HQ. It literally is a case of putting in a CD, running the CD, and accepting 3 menu items. Done!

The print is of high quality (it is very difficult to even remotely think that it is not from one of the big 3) and the toner usage is very economical. Pantum has definitely created printers for the emerging markets (great quality and very reasonable retail pricing).

Pantum P2050

Pantum P2050


Pantum P3205dn

Pantum P3250


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