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Paige Nick


Paige Nick – Author, Blogger and Columnist for the Sunday Times

Chosen Charity – The Bookery in Roeland St, it’s part of the Equal Education Foundation. These guys are incredible super heroes. They build and stock libraries in previously disadvantaged schools.

Paige Nick

2010 was the year … my world exploded. No seriously, I mean it. You know how you’re trucking along quietly, watching the telly and minding your own business, and then suddenly everything all happens at once and you end up with three birthday parties, an anniversary and a funeral all on the same weekend? Well that’s kind of what happened to me.

This year I had my first novel published by Penguin Books. It’s a romantic comedy called A Million Miles from Normal.

It’s about a South African girl who manages to lose both her job and her fiancé in a massively humiliating public display and is forced to leave South Africa. She decides to move to New York City where she hopes to make it big, to prove to everyone back home that she’s not a complete disaster, although the only apartment she can find is a shoebox sized rat trap. And the only job she can get is at a really dodgy ad agency with a crazy man for a boss and a drug addicted alcoholic for an art director. Sounds dire, I know, but it’s actually a comedy, promise.

Anyway so after the book launch and all the craziness that involved, my blog kind of exploded all over me and went mad, and then I started with the Sunday Times Column in the Lifestyle section. Which is really about life, love and living in the city.

If I were to spend New Year’s in the Northern Cape town of Kakamas, I would pack the following…Isn’t it very hot there? Kaka-off hot, I think. In that case I would definitely take sun screen and a hat. Also a pile of books. Because no matter how far away from home you are, you’re never lonely or alone if you’ve got a book. And if it’s not being too greedy, can I take a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label with me, too?

Nobody knows that… I’m writing this in my pyjamas.

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  1. Paige, if you’re famous, does that make me quasi-famous by association? I do hope so. My handwriting was born for autographs.

  2. isn’t there supposed to be a vote button? Why do they make it so hard for D.E.I’s. You have my vote Paige – please tell me where to press!?

  3. @joanna you always crack me up. I’m about as famous as a Bar One is slimming, I’m afraid. Sorry.

    @Michele, try refresh your browser.

    thanks so much you guys. xxx

  4. Will vote for you. Kakamas is fantastic. Have you tried the table grapes from the area? Augrabies Falls?
    Just out of interest. Did Bernie Marchand teach you? Well his family comes from a small village +-3houses and a railway siding at Marchand.

    best of luck!

  5. Hi Eban, thanks for your vote. never been to Kakamas, but it’s now on top of my travel wishlist.
    Not sure I recall a Bernie Marchand.

    I do remember an Eben Tucker though, and you share his first name and his surname initial. 🙂

  6. Khaya recommended your blog. I work at the library in Sacramento, CA, USA – keep up the good work. Keep writing!! We need more good authors. I voted for you. Thank you Khaya.

  7. Paige, you’ve got my vote! Kakamas is my home town and my parents still live there, it’s one of the most beautiful areas in the Northern Cape with loads of attractions. If you ever decide to visit that side of the world let me know and I’ll give you some inside info 😉

  8. I’m voting for you because I love your blog and I want you to win. Go for it. I’ll vote a MILLION TIMES if I am allowed too xxxx

  9. “Camping” versus “writing naughty things in your pyjamas….”
    Now you do the math….. It’s elementary my dear Nick! xx

  10. Friends, if we don’t win this, it’s certainly not for lack of trying. Thanks for all your votes, keep em coming.

  11. Paige, all that and you still sound sane, you deserve to take that Johnny Walker black with you make sure you have loads of ice, I will join you. lol!!!!!

  12. Go Paigey Go!

    Let the kids read I say and stay off the computers (they do serve a purpose but books create something special) – the power of the imagination is in the books….

  13. love the cause, love books, love reading
    can’t vote – feeling silly – where’s the knobby thing to press/click?

  14. Hi Michelle, there’s some kind of glitch going on, perhaps try clicking again on the little thumbs up icon, you only get one vote, but the number should go up by one when you vote.

    Thanks so much for your votes everyone, big virtual emailed bottles of scotch to all of you. xxx

  15. Hey Rifqah, so chuffed you bought the book, would love to hear what you think. Hope you enjoy it. xxx

    thanks for your votes. Go team Bookery!

  16. Read your book and loved it – as did most of my bookclub. Hope there’s another one in the pipeline!

  17. You’ve got my vote. I think the Bookery is awesome – even the building they are in is fabulous. I also bought your book yesterday for my Book Club. Yay for good South African writers!

  18. Thanks you guys. Sue, i’m just busy with edit on next one, will hopefully be out in first half of next year. It’s not a sequel, but same genre. Thanks for all your votes and all your support. Tracey hope your book club enjoy the book.

  19. Dear Paige
    I got sent a link to this because I am a Friend of the Writers’ Foundation. I used to live in S.A. in Pretoria. That’s where I learned to write. Good luck with your blog and congrats on the book.

  20. Hi guys, thanks so much for your support. but as of yesterday the finalist section of the competition moved to the PriceCheck Facebook Page which is over here:!/PriceCheckSA

    all you have to do is visit that page, then like the page and then like my profile, for your vote to count. holding thumbs we can bring this home for The Bookery.

    thanks so much for your support!

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