Thursday, March 4

Online shopping – a guide for newbies


Last minute Christmas shopping…chaotic, expensive, and stressful! Too much to remember, never ending lists of gifts to buy and the prices, THE PRICES! I am tired just thinking about it. Online shopping on the other hand, gives you the ability to research your potential purchases for the best deals, saving you money and time! Retail therapy at its best.

Losing money to a scam that we cannot trace is a helluva scary thought. However we can report any types of fraud to the South African Authorities. We have a scam team appointed to investigate crime and help you get your money back.

Before we anticipate the worst though, there are ways to prevent an unauthorized payment made off your account by bearing in mind the following:
1. Be sure to look out for privacy enforcement organizations noted on the website.
2. Familiarize yourself with the Merchant.
3. The information given out online should be professional and kept to a minimum! Your name & surname, email address, contact number, card dates, card number, and address should be the only information given for Credit card verification.
4. Paying by credit card will rescue you if a fraudulent act was committed. If you can prove it, you can have this claim removed.
5. Pay plenty attention to detail. It is necessary to be sure of the shipping costs, shipping times, return policies, warranties included etc. As well as detail on the product itself. You may be very disappointed if your new pink iPod you have just paid for turns out to be blue!
6. Receipt of payment.
7. Lastly, bookmark the site you are shopping on & make sure you have their contact details. Be cautious of orders that come from free email accounts.

The only criminal act that will be occurring online is me shopping for myself, instead of the family! Either way, I highly recommend it…remember, you’ll be saving petrol, therefore benefiting the environment as well. A lovely bonus.


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