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Review: Nintendo Wii U


The success of the Wii, selling over 100 million units, definitely confirmed Nintendo’s legacy. They’ve continued this avant-garde way of thinking with the Wii U.

So, what exactly is the Wii U all about?  It’s an innovative, versatile gaming system, equipped with all of the elements that make Nintendo a brand synonymous with FUN. Like the Wii, think of it as being an exciting additional console – there for you when you’re in the mood to play games that have an exclusive Nintendo “flavour”.

Wii U Gamepad

The Wii U Gamepad

The pad has two overall functions: it serves as a standard controller if you’re playing it on a TV, but with a cool addition – it has a second screen embedded on it. This can display extra information, allowing for a distinctive gaming experience.

The controller also functions as a standalone device; for on-the-go entertainment! The dual function of the Wii U is an innovative concept, but Nintendo has had to deal with a fair share of criticism.

The reputable site, Trusted Reviews, points out that “few games have really made much use of the pads potential – or its array of accelerometers, front-facing camera and gyroscope controls.” It does seem odd that they haven’t leveraged the exclusivity this gaming system.
The sub-par battery life is very disappointing – you can only expect about three and half hours of gameplay before you have to recharge the gamepad.

Available for the Wii U

The Virtual Console is a fantastic feature. It allows you to purchase and download – through the dedicated eShop – legendary games from the past; you can experience all of the classics – it’s pure nostalgia. The majority of the games are reproduced, accurately, because they’re run through software emulation.

Trusted Reviews comments, “Nintendo has worked hard to make its eShop an online games store worth exploring, with indie titles bolstered by smaller scale first-party titles and an ever growing selection of classics in the Virtual Console section.” You’ll be too busy being stunned by the vibrant colours, the personality and artistry and the almost Pixar-like quality of the lighting. Nintendo’s games aren’t photorealistic, but they’re beautiful.”

So, is it worth buying? It’s comes down to what you’re looking for from a gaming system. If gorgeous life-like graphics and a variety of third-party game titles is your thing, it’s a beeter idea to look at other consoles.

Pros: Cheaper than other consoles; excellent game catalogue; great design; backwards compatible with original Wii games (Wiimote and Nun chuck required)

Cons: Few third-party titles; graphics inferior other rival consoles; only 8 GB of built-in storage (32 GB in the premium model); sub-par battery life;

Verdict: 6/10

Available for R2780


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