Monday, March 1

Mario The Legend


Can you remember your first TV game? Yes, the cartridges that were clunky and had to be pushed into the console with a bit of force. We all have seen the evolution of the TV game into the gamezilla called console gaming.

I was happy to see the newest version of Mario Galaxy 2 being available. The 2 plumbers that are continuously trying to save the damsel in distress, Princess Daisy have become cult heroes for any geek. Luigi and Mario will have first entrance into the video game hall of fame without a shadow of doubt.

What I find interesting is that Nintendo have made Super Mario a very big part of the Wii marketing strategy. I suspect that they are leveraging the history and perception of the two Italian plumbers to get more video game players to purchase Nintendo Wii consoles and games. It makes perfect sense as, if ain’t broke, why fix it?

Super Mario Galaxy 2


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