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Kitchen must-haves for singletons


Setting up house? Unsure of what you’ll need in the kitchen? We did a survey among singletons to find out what their essential items are – and these goodies came up time and time again!

A colander: Because as a single person you’re always going to eat pasta in front of the TV. And every self-respecting cooker of pasta needs a good colander.

Pizza cutter: You’re going to be slicing a lot of pizza too when you have your pals around. Impress them by deftly slicing the pie with one of these pizza cutters.

Corkscrew: Now, this one needs no explanation. You’re single, you’re going to be entertaining, you’re going to want to open that bottle of chilled white or dusky red…

Wok: A good wok can change your life! Not only is it healthy to cook in, it also cooks food in double-quick time and there are so many meals you can make in it. What’s more, it’s great to impress that special person when you invite him/her around for dinner. Stir-fry chicken with a Thai twist? Crispy duck with crunchy veggies? No problem with one of these wonders!

A good spatula: You’ll need something to stir that spaghetti and cook those fab stir-fries. Make sure you get one that won’t scratch the base of your wok or pots or they’ll be ruined in no time. A spatula is worth spending some extra cash on!

Set of knives: There’s nothing like an awesome knife to awaken your inner Jamie Oliver. Invest in a set and you’ll soon be chopping onions and julienning vegetables like a pro. Who needs ready-cut stir-fry veggies when you can do the real thing in your own kitchen? A good set of knives will be an invaluable addition to your kitchen.

Cutting board: It’s simple: you have knives, there’s going to be chopping, you need something to chop on. Whether you go for acrylic or wooden, it’s up to you. Just get a chopping board, a solid one. Before you buy the knives in case you tempted to chop straight on to the counter…

Cheese grater: Like the pizza, you’re going to be eating a lot of cheese on toast in front of the telly. And a cheese grater can do so much more than grate cheese – think carrots, potatoes, beetroot, you name it!  Checkout the ones on the site – there are some awesome ones that make quite the décor statement too.

Can opener: Because even the most self-respecting single person eats out of a can every now and then. Right?


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