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Jody Williams


Jody Williams – Idols winner and musician

Chosen Charity – Cape Mental Health Society

Jody Williams

2010 was the year that…people from all around the globe came together to celebrate one of the most memorable historic events, the FIFA World Cup. But my personal highlight was the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, where I had the opportunity to represent Africa and performed along side with four other international artists. We shot the music video and performed the theme song titled “Everyone”, which went straight to number one on the Singapore charts in less than a week.

If I were to spend New Year’s in the Northern Cape town of Kakamas, I would pack the following…firstly, going to the Northern Cape Town Kakamas wouldn’t be my first choice but if it had to come to that point, I’d pack in my party gear and that includes a few of my friends as part of my luggage and we’ll hit up all the hot spots there (haha). On a serious note though, I haven’t really heard about this place, judging on what I’ve researched, I would pack rather cool and light clothing, a camera would be a definite must and how could I ever forget my hiking gear?! The Orange River is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Northern Cape so therefore I’ll come prepared. This would definitely be a New Year’s I’d never forget.

Nobody knows that I…Am TERRIFIED of bugs or ”anything” that could pass as a bug. Just the thought of them giving me unexpected visits, is not on! Another thing that you don’t know is that I’m a track pants and hoodie kinda girl. If I could wear that everyday, I’d be the happiest person in the world. But one thing you may find very interesting is that I have a bed but I don’t make use of it…weird I know 🙂 I just seem to find the couch so much more comfortable.

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