Sunday, January 26

Is Microsoft losing momentum with the Xbox One?


The Xbox One launch was amazing but the critics are slowly making their voices heard. The Console is “more aimed at home entertainment” and “the DRM management is extreme”. These are 2 from a variety of concerns that have been seen in the press, on blogs etc.

It left me wondering if Sony’s lack of launching the PS4 was a good move. No one knows how the device looks nor what its capabilities are but Microsoft lost a lot of momentum and is seemingly getting slated in the press daily.

Console gaming is evolving but no-one is even asking what is going to happen with the Xbox One outside the US. We can agree that Sony and Microsoft are building their own walled gardens to ensure that console gamers stay loyal to them but console gaming is huge globally.

Disclosure: After watching the Xbox One launch I wanted one but as the days are passing by I am not sure about it. Surely there are others feeling like this?


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