Friday, April 10

iPhone vs BlackBerry


My world seems to be populated by BlackBerry or iPhone obsessed people (especially my Twitter stream). It’s like there are only two kinds of people out there…touchscreen fans versus BB key pad ones. I am very much an Apple fan myself and whilst I am tentative to join the heated BB vs iPhone debate, here is my ”girly” view on why I love my iPhone:

  • Yes, the touchscreen (so user intuitive, love the motion sensibility and such a pleasure to use)
  • Love the zooming in effect just with the touch of my finger
  • Loads and loads of storage space (for all my pretty photos…am a slight fanatic when it comes to taking photos)
  • The hip and trendy factor (bring on the jealousy of other non geek friends with their Nokia 3200 phones)
  • All the applications (I have Twitter, Facebook, Photoshop for the mobile, and many MANY other apps that I have downloaded to my phone)
  • The camera is relatively decent (and I am well aware that the iPhone4 camera is way better)

To be fair to the BB crowd, I have never owned one so cannot properly argue the pros vs cons between the two phones but at the moment Steve Jobs is my hero, Apple rocks and I lie awake at night fantasizing about the iPhone4.


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