Friday, April 10

Increasing The Battery Life Of Your Android Phone


The underdog has always been up against a popular brand / manufacturer and has people supporting them. Think back to Sylvester Stallone in all the various Rocky movies, he almost always had little or no change in any of his fights. He had many fans cheering and screaming his name and was the crowd favourite.

So the idea for today’s blog post is about trying to help an underdog. However, the underdog is a mobile operating system called Android and a case can be made that it is moving out of the underdog bracket. Regular readers will be aware of our love for the Apple iPhone, the various BlackBerry smart phones and the various Android based cellphones.

If you want to make the battery of your Android phone last longer, the following suggestions:

  • Turn off features that you may not need all the time. So change the brightness settings on your Android phone’s screen.
  • Check that the apps that you have installed are not contributing to your phone’s lack of battery life. Location based apps that use your GPS will ensure over a long period of time that your battery will be low. Streaming video and radio apps do exactly the same just on a bigger scale.
  • Ensure that after a few days that you look at your Power Control widget. This will ensure that you know exactly what is hogging your battery usage and leaving your phone almost flat.
  • The last tip is an obvious one but ensure that you have a charger cable close by at all times to ensure that you are always a phone call away.

I hope some of these tips will have a positive effect on your cellphone usage and make your battery life a bit longer.


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