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Huawei Mate 10…all the rumours


2017 has been the year of the bezel-less smartphone, heck, even Apple now has the iPhone X which boats a nearly bezel-less design.

With every major handset manufacturer shrinking the bezels on their handsets, it’s a bit surprising that Huawei, the world’s second largest handset manufacturer, hasn’t done the same.

Until now that is.

In October Huawei is set to unveil the Mate 10, a nearly bezel-less smartphone so intelligent that the company is using the tagline “This is not a smartphone”.

Despite the Mate 9 being a fantastic phone, it didn’t receive the reception that smartphones from its competitors received, which is a crying shame, we all know that Huawei makes fantastic phones.

The upcoming Mate 10 has got to pull out all the stops and show the world once and for all what many of us know, that Huawei is a force to be reckoned with and it’s by time that the world takes note.

Here’s what we know (or at least think we do) about the Mate 10:

  • There will be four versions of the handset – the regular version, the Pro version, the Lite version and the Porsche Design version
  • Not all the handsets will have a bezel-less design
  • It will be more powerful than the iPhone X
  • It will boast even faster charging speeds
  • The camera will possibly be the third generation Leica made lenses
  • The 2:1 (18:9) aspect ratio will be the first Huawei handset to boast the new aspect ratio
  • There could be four different memory configurations available
  • The Mate 10 might also have a dual-selfie camera
  • Huawei might make the Mate 10 water resistant with an IP67 rating
  • EMUI 6 might debut on the Mate 10
  • It will have AI baked into the chipset

The Mate 10 looks set to be Huawei’s most impressive phone to date. It’s just a few short weeks until the company officially takes the wraps off of its new flagship.

What are you hoping to see in the Mate 10?


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