Saturday, January 16

Holiday Packing Checklist


Judging by Twitter, there are a number of us ‘losers’ who are at the office this week, working whilst the majority of our family and friends are already on holiday and showing off their holiday photos with gusto on Facebook (what the hell were we thinking not taking leave?).  If you are like me and stuck at the office, why not get a start on your holiday packing checklist?

Some of my recommended must haves:

•   The suitcase – Preferably Louis Vuitton (a girl can dream hey?). I actually have a strange passion for kitsch luggage so am the first person to spot my bag on the baggage carousel (it’s the zebra print one, duh).
•    The make up – Nothing like coming home for the holidays and using your mother’s dried up four year old Design (Edgar’s no name brand) nail polish. So these days I make sure all my make up goodies are on my packing list.
•   Accessories – No you cannot wear one pair of earrings for 15 days. Trust me.
•    A beach towel – Just make sure the towel travels back home with you (my one still lying somewhere on Koh Lanta beach in Thailand).
•    Comfortable hiking shoes – Even if you are not planning on hiking (because what self respectable girl actually plans a holiday with hiking involved); I strongly recommend bringing your sneakers. Otherwise you might end up hiking in your sandals, damaging one of them, throwing it in the bush and hopping on one leg for the rest of the hike. It happened to me.
•   Camera – Helps you bridge the fuzzy border between your memories and what actually happened (yes it was you dancing on that table).


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