Friday, May 7

High-tech gadgets to pimp out your kitchen


Propel your kitchen into the 21st century with some ultra-modern cooking gadgets. With PriceCheck you’ll find the right high-tech utensil for you.

  1. Blender. Whether it’s juices, smoothies, soups, or simply sliced veggies you want a blender’s versatility makes this gadget a must-have in every tech-savvy foodie’s kitchen.
  2. Tablet mount. Has your tablet become your new resource for recipes? Avoid the hassle of carrying it around while you’re cooking by investing in a tablet mount that will hold it up so you don’t have to.
  3. Bread maker. The best thing since sliced bread? The bread maker, of course. Baking bread has never been easier and a bread maker should be a must-have in every smart cook’s kitchen.
  4. Coffee maker. Not a luxury item but an absolute essential. PriceCheck features a range of nifty products that will take your early-morning coffee fix to the next level. Become your own homegrown barista: Be sure to look out for a coffee maker that doubles as an espresso machine or comes with a milk-frother.
  5. Coffee grinder. If you consider yourself a coffee snob you can’t lay claim to the title if you don’t own a coffee grinder. Just add coffee beans and presto! Fresh-ground coffee takes the whole caffeine experience to another amazing level.
  6. Can opener. Ditch the hassle (and required elbow grease) of manually opening that can of baked beans and invest in a mechanical can opener. Some of these high-tech gizmos also come equipped with bottle openers and knife sharpeners if you like adding a few bells and whistles to the mix.
  7. Meat mincer. Be your own butcher by mincing your meat at home. It’s cheaper than buying mincemeat and adds that extra labour of love to the art of cooking.
  8. Stand mixer or hand mixer. If you’re passionate about baking – or know someone who is – put a high-tech spin on things by stocking up on an electronic mixer. Whether it’s a handheld mixer or a stand mixer, it will make baking so much easier.
  9. Ice-cream maker. Summer’s coming so why not make it special by serving up some homemade ice cream for dessert. And not just ice cream! Many ice-cream makers also allow you to make sorbet, gelato and yogurt. Plus: One of the major perks of this nifty machine is that you can play around with the flavours of your choice.

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