Monday, June 24

High Definition TV (HDTV) Coming to South Africa


Well, it’s exciting times ahead. Yes, we are a couple of years behind some other countries, but finally High Def is coming to South Africa. We’ll apparently be able to watch the 2008 Currie Cup Final in true High Definition and it’s going to be great!

According to an article by Duncan McLeod of the Financial Mail ( Multichoice have stated that High Definition TV (HDTV) will be available in some form mid-2008.

If you’ve bust the budget on that new TV, don’t despair. SA is likely to get its first HD channels within a year. MultiChoice has said it will launch a pilot HD channel by the middle of next year, with a special HD channel for the Olympic Games to follow in August. The company recently acquired an HD outdoor broadcast unit and hopes to begin offering key local sports events, such as the Absa Currie Cup final, in HD from next year. Eventually, MultiChoice wants to have one or even two dedicated HD sports channels.

The HD channels will be broadcast at a resolution of 720p. That means the image will have 720 lines of vertical resolution using progressive (noninterlaced) scanning; standard-definition broadcasts are typically 576i, or 576 lines of vertical resolution using interlaced scanning. Most HD broadcasters provide channels in either 720p or 1 080i. Few, if any, broadcast in “true HD”, or 1 080p.

When one watches an HDTV broadcast, it is immediately evident how much better the viewing experience is. The picture is sharper and clearer, colour replication is far better and the all-round viewing pleasure is greatly enhanced!

So, it’s all very exciting! But, before you turn on the TV and expect to see HDTV, you’ll need to have a TV capable of showing it. And, what better place to compare them all than on PriceCheck’s High Definition (HDTV) TV set comparison.


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