Saturday, February 27

Heritage Day 2010


Tomorrow is Heritage Day, a public holiday in South Africa.  It means that it has created a long weekend that will provide us all a chance to relax.  The big thing about tomorrow is that it also gives us to be able to reflect on South Africa and the rainbow nation.

We hosted a very successful Soccer World Cup in June/ July and are currently hosting the Champions League cricket. The point that I am trying to make is that we have become a nation that hosts world class events that are very well supported by South Africans. We have our problems (crime and poverty) but those are found in other nations as well not just here.

Heritage day has also been “rebranded” as National Braai day.  Can you imagine not being able to stand around the fire with your friends and looking at the steak/ tjops that are on the grill? I cannot, so check that you have your firewood and firelighters are close by and enjoy Heritage Day tomorrow.


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