Wednesday, April 14

Fixed wireless from Afrihost


Afrihost has announced that they will now be offering LTE-A Data with their new Fixed Wireless packages. Fixed Wireless is aimed at providing high-speed, reliable wireless internet in areas that don’t have DSL or Fibre coverage.

Afrihost has partnered with Rain, with a Wireless Network that already extends across South Africa’s major centres and metropolitan areas. Rain’s Wireless Network currently consists of 750 base stations and Rain plans to expand this to 2000 sites by the end of the year.

Afrihost offers three month-to-month Fixed Wireless Packages:

Package Monthly Data Price
Fixed Wireless Basic 55GB R549.00 pm
Fixed Wireless Advanced 85GB R799.00 pm
Fixed Wireless Ultimate 120GB R999.00 pm

If you run out of data, you’ll be able to top up:

Topup Data Price
1GB R35.00
2GB R59.00
3GB R80.00
5GB R115.00
10GB R205.00
20GB R345.00

All Afrihost Fixed Wireless Packages are subject to a once-off purchase of an Huawei B618 LTE-A Wireless Router for only R2499. The dual band (2.4 and 5GHz) B618 can connect up to 64 devices at a time. The Wireless Router will be shipped preconfigured to clients.

Check out the Afrihost Fixed Wireless Microsite and use the Availability Map to find out if your area is LTE-A ready,
and what packages are on offer.


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