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Essentials Every Backpacker Needs


There’s a reason people still hike, backpack and climb mountains; And science recently revealed why – well, it actually changes your brain they say. Being in and around nature relaxes and soothes better than any Xanax. And the difficulty of making the time to delve into natural spaces is a luxury some can hardly afford. When the opportunity does present itself, it’s important to have the proper equipment, that will lengthen and heighten your experience. The question is – do you have them?

A Proper Hiking Backpack

Let’s reiterated “proper” and exclude the raggedy school backpack still laying around in your cupboard. Instead, get your hands on a backpack suited for your height, weight, convenience and suitability for your expedition.

A Daysack 

Daysacks are ideal for activities requiring the least amount of weight such as running, walking or cycling. The Osprey Viper 5 has a contouring design making it light and easy to handle. But more importantly, it’s hydration heaven with its ventilating material and two-liter hydraulics reservoir which is BPA and taste-free.

Image result for ey Osprey Viper 5 Backpack - Wild Blue

Available from R1299

Mid-Duty Backpack

For something in the midrange duty, during those weekend treks, The Osprey 30Litre Comet backpack is as versatile as they come with a padded laptop sleeve, removable webbing hip-belt for extra security, reflective graphics and compartments to store just about anything.

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Available from R1349

Heavy Duty Backpack

If you’re really serious about hiking up mountains and adventuring unbeaten paths for weeks on end, a heavy duty backpack is what you will need. The Osprey Volt 75 doesn’t mess around. The backpack custom fits almost all waists and torso with its adjustable straps. It smart compression straps also pushes the weight down on your hips making for easier expeditions.

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Available from R2755

Proper Hydration Kit

No question about how important hydration is during any activity, especially so when exploring terrains in the heat of the sun. Fiddling in your bag for your bottle of water is a thing of the past with reservoirs available for easy packing. Leading the pack is the Osprey Hydraulics Lt 2.5L Reservoir, with its BPA bite valve offering hassle-free access to water.

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Available for R489

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