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The Easiest Way to Find All the Black Friday Deals in One Place


Black Friday is here – and yeah, while it can be a flurry of frantic deal-hunting and online shopping, it is a great opportunity to pick up some of the gadgets, fashion items, and other products that you’ve had your eye on for a while at a discounted price.

Of course, keeping track of who’s selling what and how much of a sale each retailer is offering can be like doing trigonometry… blindfolded.

So, what’s the solution? Well, PriceCheck, who has been an industry leader in price comparison and product discovery, is the best spot to check out all the big retailers’ Black Friday deals. It curates and combines hundreds of online and physical stores across SA, allowing you to compare their offerings this shopping season so that you can find the very-best price before making a decision.

That means that you can easily scour the sales from the likes of Makro, Clicks, Yuppiechef, Zando, Superbalist, Cybercellar, Loot, and more, all through one streamlined Black Friday hub on PriceCheck.

“While we do our best to encourage shoppers, in these tough economic times, to shop responsibly, when deals are as good as they are on Black Friday, sometimes you just can’t help yourself,” explains Kevin Tucker, PriceCheck CEO.

“So as Kevin from PriceCheck, I say shop responsibly, but as Kevin the consumer and online shopper, I say ‘shop like you’ve never shopped before!'”

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If you want to keep an eye on the Black Friday deals going around, then PriceCheck should be your home – they’ll be keeping track of specials from these stores and many others on the day and will make it easy for you to find the best savings possible!

How will this Black Friday be different?

While every year Black Friday does have some recurring specials and trends, it’s safe to say that 2021 will be a whole lot different from previous years.

Of course, the biggest change to the Black Friday formula will be adapting in response to the national lockdown, and economic fallout as a result. And this should be good news for South Africans who will be looking for the best value from a spend more limited than usual. On the one side, retailers will be desperate to move unsold stock, and on the other side, consumers will be expecting lower pricing than ever.

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In South Africa, Black Friday has become synonymous with once-off retail sales deals, and was responsible for a 2,6% year-on-year increase in retail sales in 2019, so there’s no doubt that retailers will once again utilise it to their advantage, even if the strategy has to be altered slightly.

Online retailers are anticipating very high demand again this year. South Africans are still very conscious of their health and safety during lockdown, and footfall in the malls has still not returned to pre-Covid levels, which suggests that consumers are – understandably – still wary of visiting stores in large numbers.

With Lockdown Level 1 still seemingly in place for the foreseeable future, hygiene and safety protocols are still in place at malls, therefore in-store experiences will be hampered. Therefore, online shopping is set to receive a huge boost as a result.

Want to get an early start? In the lead-up to Black Friday, check out the Daily Deals hub on PriceCheck here and sign up for the PriceCheck Black Friday newsletter to get the scoop on the best Black Friday deals in South Africa. 


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