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Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Which Has Better Deals?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two shopping ‘holidays’ that are not only extremely close to one another, but often get bundled together when it comes to dialogue around big year-end savings. However, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their own history and unique sales trends, but what exactly are the difference between the two?

When did Black Friday start?

We’ve covered this a bit before, but Black Friday’s origins stretch a fair while back (with some pretty surprising origins), as the Black Friday as we know it now dates back to the early 1950s, when such big sales would take place that annual store profits would often tip into “the black” (meaning no longer “in the red,” which is fancy accounting-terminology for losing money) once all the receipts were tallied.

Shoppers came in droves because the day after Thanksgiving was typically a day off, making it the perfect day to shop. Then the internet happened, and Black Friday quickly spread around the world.

When did Cyber Monday start?

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday has a fairly recent history. The first Cyber Monday can be traced back to 2005, where online stores decided to run their own big sales to compete with the brick-and-mortar juggernaut that was Black Friday.

Why Monday and not Saturday? While you would think it would make more sense for the big cyber sale to be on a weekend (that’s when people shop, right?) the truth of consumer behaviour is that people love shopping online while at work.

Aren’t they really the same thing?

While both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now physical and online sale days, traditionally, they each started in the realm of the real world and online world respectively.

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Cyber Monday has also evolved to not just be any online sale for all categories, but a particular focus on gadgets, electronics, gaming, and tech-related product specials. Now, you could find any good deal on Cyber Monday, but you’ll be wanting to look at what the big tech retailers are doing specifically, and given that current gaming consoles, such as the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, are in high-demand, it’s a good time to keep an eye on tech retailers.

What is Black Friday best for?

While Black Friday sales tend to encompass just about anything under the sun these days, the focus tends to be on electronics. TVs, tablets, laptops and smartphones often have the deepest discounts on Black Friday. Those aren’t the only items with the best markdowns, though. Look for special discounts on home goods, especially kitchen appliances like coffee-makers, toasters, kitchenware, etc. We have also seen a growing trend of DIY-related discounts, including drill sets and power tools. If you’re in the market for a new home appliance like a dishwasher or a washing machine, you’re in luck too: these are among the very best deals on Black Friday.

What is Cyber Monday best for?

Despite the Cyber Monday name, there are a host more deals than electronics, although gadgets and tech is a pillar of Cyber Monday. Online fashion retailers are big on Cyber Monday, so expect some great fashion and apparel deals. Retailers also often have free delivery during Cyber Monday, since products like clothes and shoes cost less to transport than other items. Beyond clothing and shoes on Cyber Monday, you’ll also see bargains for high-end tech goods, and most of those great gaming and cellular deals should roll over to Cyber Monday.

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