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Dell-usional Dell


There are certain technology companies that one needs to keep an eye on. IBM, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Google, HP and lately Apple are in this group that has select membership. They either have a history of immense success in a short space of time that leads to an era of domination or consistently reinventing themselves to stay relevant. Regular readers will know that I believe 2011 is the year of the tablet; it is the space that all companies want to have some sort of representation.

When I think of the 90’s business executive I immediately have a vision of a person that has a BlackBerry in his/ her hands and a notebook for business trips. This image was also the day to day modus operandi for millions of people that lived the mobile office lifestyle (yes the one Hollywood has which features motels, hotels and consistent flights).

I firmly believe that all the tablet manufacturers believe that for the tablet industry to be self sustainable it has to conquer the enterprise computing space. The smartphone and tablet computers carry sensitive personal information already. Imagine when propriety systems and information get added! I can already see systems administrators and security analysts cringe as I mention this. It is yet another device that needs to be secured to ensure sensitive information remains in a safe place. I am aware of companies giving their senior management the choice between a BlackBerry and notebook or an iPad and an iPhone. I am glad that I don’t have to make the choice as I honestly would not be able to make a decision.

Dell have come out and told the computing world that they believe the cost of the iPad will be detrimental to the adoption of the iPad in the enterprise space.

Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprises and public organizations, Andy Lark, in an interview with CIO Australia:
“Apple is great if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island. It’s not so great if you have to exist in a diverse, open, connected enterprise; simple things become quite complex.”
While Apple had entered the businesses as a consumer device, Lark claimed Dell had taken an enterprise approach toward tablet PCs, which would ultimately give the company, which has a major stake in Microsoft Windows and the desktop PC market, an edge.

I can understand the argument being made by Dell but why would you provide devices to your key management staff that they don’t want. I don’t see the logic with that at all and I think Dell have cleverly forgotten about their Streak (which on various accounts have been disastrous). I believe that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet space until a real iPad killer is found.  Dell may have done the PR thing and stated their case but I think the iPad sales numbers from Apple will continue to do the talking. Is this a case of a competitor trying to stir the pot or are Dell just jealous over the success that Apple has had with the iPad?


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