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Black Friday: What NOT to Buy Before 27 November


As the saying goes: “good things come to those who wait”, and with Black Friday just around the corner, this philosophy couldn’t be more true. Yes, of course, this year many retailers are starting with early bird Black Friday deals and giving consumers the chance to start saving already. But, while there are some appealing deals floating around at the moment, if you’re looking for any of the below products, you should probably wait a little bit longer to capitalise on the best prices that’ll emerge on Black Friday.

Early Bird Black Friday deals

We’ve also included a few must-see early-bird Black Friday deals that you can nab before end the of November!

DON’T: Games & consoles

Xbox Series X gaming

For those gamers who can wait a little longer before grabbing a next-generation gaming console, try to hold out a little longer on that purchase of an Xbox Series X/S or a Playstation 5 before Black Friday. Even though these consoles have been out for quite some time now and we’ve already seen a slight drop in price, it’s likely that retailers will knock off a couple of hundred bucks more or even a grand to entice consumers around Black Friday. So, waiting a few weeks until Black Friday could pay off and give you a few extra Rands to pick up a new game alongside your fancy next-gen machine. This also extends to gaming accessories and gaming titles, as retailers will undoubtedly include this year’s (and the previous year’s) biggest releases in their sale catalog.

Shop for TVs before Black Friday! If you’re looking to boost your console gaming experience and can’t wait until 27 November to nab a new TV, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of incredible pre-Black Friday deals on TVs waiting to be snapped up. Check out this early bird Black Friday deal on TVs under R5,999.

DON’T: Computers, laptops, and tablets

Huawei MateBook D15

If you need a new laptop, desktop, gaming PC, or tablet, then Black Friday is the time to upgrade. Many of these tech products will be on sale at big retailers on Black Friday. These electronics sale events can be tough to navigate, so check out all the biggest Black Friday deals on PriceCheck so you don’t waste precious time shopping around.

Do shop for a new smartphone before Black Friday! There’s no need to wait until Black Friday to upgrade to a new smartphone. There are plenty of incredible pre-Black Friday deals on smartphones waiting to be snapped up. Check out this early bird Black Friday deal on smartphones under R5,999.

DON’T: Wireless earbuds and headphones

LinkBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds and headphones have been the stars of the Black Friday show the past two seasons, with retailers placing tempting deals front and centre in their ads. Whether you’re after Apple’s Airpods or another brand of wireless earbuds, you’ll find plenty of great deals on these accessories this Black Friday. While earbuds are incredibly popular and portable, if you need bigger guns (like over-ear headphones for noise cancellation and/or comfort), then you’ll find plenty of Black Friday deals on those.

Do look for deals on smartwatches and fitness trackers before Black Friday! These wearables are already being marked down a great deal by many retailers in their early bird Black Friday deals. There are plenty of incredible pre-Black Friday deals on smartwatches and fitness trackers waiting to be snapped up. Check out these early bird Black Friday deals on Apple and Samsung wearables.


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