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Health & Fitness

Some say that Summer bodies are made in Winter. We say that your health and well-being should be a priority all year round. Find the best gear on PriceCheck now, for all of your health requirements. Track your progress with high-tech gadgets, support your health with supplements, treat yourself to new kit, or just browse the numerous other ways to optimise your health - whatever your goals might be. Thrive from the inside out, with PriceCheck.

Cooking Appliances

Baking, cooking, frying, boiling grilling, chilling, freezing, mixing, toasting, whipping, blending, heating, snacking, cheating, hacking, chopping... Whatever you're doing in the kitchen - we have got you covered with the perfect appliance. Browse our selection for all tastes and budgets and never feel bored in the kitchen again

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Could food combining be the secret to your weight loss goals?

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Love Retro Games? Playstation’s Classic Console is Coming

Playstation unveils its Playstation Classic – a smaller, original Playstation console with built-in games.

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Why Spider-Man is Your Must-Buy Game of the Month

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 does an incredible job to capture the dual-life of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic heroes, who, while has had some good games in the past, has rarely ever had a great one. Thankfully, Insomniac (the team behind the Ratchet & Clank games) have reimagined the beloved wall-crawler that is […]

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Trek’s Electric Mountain Bike Launches in SA

Trek dives into the electric mountain bike game with its Powerfly range.

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