Saturday, July 20

Become a PriceChecker, Become a Star!


“To Sign up or not to sign up is the question??”

Ok, well not really – but you can still sign up and get full access to some great new services being implemented by your number one online price comparison website! PriceCheck has recently soft launched its brand spanking new “PriceChecker” User Login System and already we’ve had a pretty good response. Many of you may be wondering or asking the questions “Why would I want to log on to PriceCheck?” or “What are the benefits of becoming a PriceChecker?” or even “What is the meaning of Life?” – well, we can give you several great answers for the first two questions, maybe even the third, but that may be a little tougher – but perhaps that meaning may be found through becoming a new member of our online PriceCheck community!

Product ToolsOnto the business though – why all the fuss? What difference will it make? Well – becoming a member of PriceCheck has many benefits. If you sign up, you get to receive up to date information regarding not just the development of our wonderful website, but also information regarding new and cool products and shops, general info and full access to new and upcoming tools and utilities attached to the site. You get to bookmark your favourite products so that you can keep track of them, as well as attaching PriceWatches to these products – which will email you notifications when the price drops beyond a particular price – very handy, considering the current economic situation. Other tools allow a user to customize their online profile, choose whether they wish to have newsletters sent to them or not and to keep track of reviews they have written.

Setting a PriceWatch
PriceWatches are easy to set and VERY handy!

Talking of which, we have completely revamped the reviewing system as well, and this function will only be accessible to signed up PriceCheckers, meaning that the reviews you then love and trust will be more serious and trustworthy. Less spam for us and more content for you! As a user, you can also have an opinion on whether particular reviews were helpful or not, and if they offend you, then please don’t hesitate to report it! PriceCheck is trimming the fat, and this is one way of allowing us to give you the best information possible – and if you don’t like it, then please let us know!


All your information will be in our vault and not sold to anyone, so do not expect spam or irritating snail mail to arrive at your address!

We have been working round the clock to develop a system that is easy to use with the best possible benefits, and we’re nowhere near stopping yet either! We have a long list of great new tools and functionalities, very exciting new developments, some of which you may not have seen anywhere on the web!  If you have any further queries or wish to let us know of suggestions or tools you think would be really handy on our service– please let us know!

Watch this space for more developments … Hopefully this has answered your questions, as for the meaning of life, well – why not sign up to PriceCheck and maybe get an answer to that too! J

(If you feel like you want to find that meaning now, please click here to sign up now!)


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