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Ashley Hayden


Ashley Hayden – Presenter, actress, motivational speaker and more recently, Survivor.

Chosen Charity – The Homestead: Projects for Street Children.

Ashley Hayden

2010 was the year that…South Africa invited the rest of the world onto its stoep for a taste of our homegrown gees and humour. We showed them how to get down the SA way, complete with vuvuzelas, minibus taxis and life size elephant puppets. It was the year that for the first time since democracy that we came together as a nation, united in our pride for our flag, our country and its people. It was also the year that I went without food, shelter, soap and family on a deserted island, in the hopes that I could help The Homestead realise their dream of building a new shelter for the street children. I came away realising how blessed our lives are, and how strong and unquenchable is the human spirit to survive.

If I were to spend New Year’s in the Northern Cape town of Kakamas, I would pack the following… I would pack my mom’s Christmas cake to share with the party – she makes the best in the entire world!

Nobody knows that I…am secretly on a quest for world domination. Move over Helen Zille! Only joking! more than happy just to queue up with the rest of the country to make my mark!

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