Monday, March 1

Apple Serve XServe Its Final Meal


Enterprise computing is where the money is for any technology manufacturer. Having corporates use your products provide the long term capital for further development of consumer electronics. Infrastructure, licensing and maintenance agreements are where the HP’s and SAP’s of this world make the big bucks. Just look at Microsoft and how the domination in the enterprise sector has ensured that they force competitors to look elsewhere.

Apple decided to pull the plug on the XServe server range for a simple reason: It was not selling. I sense that Apple is feeling the need to do so that they “force” their enterprise users to purchase a newer product (rumoured to be Apple Mac Pro Servers). This new server is a clear indication that Apple is trying to increase its minute enterprise presence. There is another reason for this change and that is that from a product point of view, as the iPad and iPhone are being seen as an enterprise phones/ tablets. The XServe will be available until the end of January 2011.

The major problem is that Apple has not communicated what the long term strategy is and this has upset many Apple enterprise owners. But that is not anything new, right? Right.


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