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Andrew ‘Tank’ Lanning


Andrew Lanning – Former Western Province prop, Editor and Publisher of Sport24 and author of the Front Row Grunt blog

Chosen Charity –  Bobs for Good who provide school shoes for those that cannot afford them.

Tank Lanning

2010 was the year that…South Africa confirmed to the world what we already knew – that we are a nation that can host international sporting events with both class and ease. The Soccer World Cup was an earth shattering success that we as a nation can be extremely proud of. Sadly, it was also the year that Peter de Villiers was confirmed as a class clown rather than a class international rugby coach … Even though the Springboks beat the British and Irish Lions!

If I were to spend New Year’s in the Northen Cape town of Kakamas, I would pack the following:

My Weber and tjoppies, wors and steak to go into said Weber, my cooler box and multiple cases of Black Label to go into said cooler box, my two pugs, and my Huawei 3G wireless router. No social event can be considered complete without a mountain of both boerewors and beer, the third “B” of course being biltong, but I am going to presume that Kakamas produces it’s own quality dried cow. Together with my wife, young son and friends, my little pugs, Buzzie (fawn, as per the Men in Black movie) and Coleman (black), complete my life, so they have to come along. And in today’s connected world, I am afraid I cannot be away from a wireless network, on which I use my iphone and laptop to remain in touch with that std 3 girl friend who I last spoke to in 1986 – very, very important you know!

Nobody knows that…I am the honorary life president of the Cheerful Chunkies, a group of men who challenge even belts made at Andy’s Big Man shop, yet still are happy to come last at a local fun run or triathlon, in order to build a thirst for beer that is not easily quenched.

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