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5 Interactive and Futuristic Robots Anyone Can Buy


Gone are the days of imagining robots of something in the future, in fact, the future is now with robots easily available to purchase on most online stores. And they’re not just any old robot. They are interactive and intelligently coded with the unlikelihood of short-lived novelty. Whether it’s another addition to your kid’s toy collection or just to feed your inner child, it’s something for everyone and anyone who is looking for the random splurge on futuristic toys or gadgets.

WowWee Chip Robot Toy Dog – White


Dog-lover or not, Chip is extremely adorable and one of the most yearned after gifts by most tech geeks. Chip is responsive with his sensor-packed body which means patting or rubbing results in a reaction. Chip is also programmed to respond to certain voice commands like saying “Yoga” will have Chip going into designated stretches and movements or “Let’s dance” has Chip moving around in a doggy dance while playing a tune. Chip also comes with accessories, such as a smart wristband and a ball resulting in further interaction. Not to say Chip will ever replace the real deal, but Chip still pulls on the techy heartstrings.

EZ-ROBOT Revolution Kit – Roli

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For a more intricate and studious robotic experience, the EZ Robot Revolutionary Kit Roli is what you need. Requiring delicate assembling, it immediately gets you interacting hands-on with the rover-style robot. Built as a work-horse in mind, its wheel treads allow for trudging tough terrains and the 7.4 LiPo battery powering 2 motors, promises enough torque to make it on through. Included with a storage tray, drink holder and metal grippers, Roli is useful and is able to bring you what you need such as sodas and other objects. The IoT Project gives Roli a voice, adding a much-needed personal touch – play songs, sounds and even text-to-speech. The camera features enhance Rolis intelligence enabling visual learning, facial, motion and object detection.  Who said Transformers was only in the movies?

Sphero Star Wars BB-8

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Of course Star Wars needed to bridge the gap for consumer experience in terms of what they see on movies and what real life gadgets and toys are available (fake lightsabers for a fake experience) – and this was perfectly done by Sphere when they rolled out the BB-8 – an interactive bot inspired by Star Wars – The Force Awakens. The BB-8 is NOT one for educational purposes instead the bot is made for pure enjoyment. BB-8 rolls and balances all by itself and is a spot-on replica of the featured droid in Star Wars. With the downloadable app, you are able to give BB-8 voice commands and direct him where you wish, otherwise, the robot simply explores your home autonomously making cute head movements. Who wants one?

SEGWAY – Ninebot MINI Pro

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Not conforming to the ideal robot you imagined, but instead, Segway actualises the hoverboard and human-robotic transportation experience we all so dreamed of as a kid. Downloading the Software allows you to have the best MiniPro experience which includes Bluetooth, speed control, summoning it to you if you are close enough, social features, battery meter and point system. It comes with a powerful motor allowing you to take on inclines and its sturdy wheels and foot pads support balance and obedience to your body.

Are you ready to ride?

WowWee MiP

WowWee Mip

Not the newest gadget around but still up there for its capabilities as an interactive humanoid and its cute design which includes two rubber wheels. Mip (short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum) requires a downloadable app before unveiling its potential – these include interactive games, unique noises, sounds, physical responses to your hand gestures (yes, it doesn’t require a remote.) and emotional reactions. This is another product of WowWee and doesn’t disappoint.


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