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Bird Away Electronic Bird Repeller

Electronic Bird Repeller with PIR, Ultrasonic and Flashing Strobes. Keeps pest birds out of your properties effective and humanely!Birds Affected Pigeons Starlings Sparrows Blackbirds Crows, ot...

Brand: Molechaser Cape

Category:  Pest Control


Electronic Pest Repeller

Pest such as mice, rats, roaches, martens, spiders, insects will not be used to the undulatory signals emitted by DUAL POWER Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller. Thanks to the battery operation featur...

Brand: Molechaser Cape

Category:  Pest Control


MoleChaser Cape Motor Molechaser

The Molechaser is your most effective, humane, ecologically friendly and safest method to get rid of moles and keep moles out of your garden for good!Get rid of moles with

Brand: Molechaser Cape

Category:  Pest Control



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